Bess baby baby sling backpack shoulders bear maternal and child supplies wholesale merchants on behalf of travel agency


Material 100% polyester + Meitong

Maximum load capacity 16kg

Store Description:

Are Your Arms Getting Tired?

I Remember Those Days! 

4 carrying position modes:

 Chest way, kangaroo style, back carry, cross arm carry

Suitable for carrying 0-24month babies

Weight-load: Maximum 18kg

Materials: 100% polyester with high-quality foam filling. 

Quick strap adjust-ability, strong and adjustable shoulder straps

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WAIT Love Cuddling Your Baby?

✔️ No More Strain

✔️ Easy to Use

✔️ Baby Loves It

More Info Here  (YOUR shorten ULR)

More Info Here  (YOUR shorten ULR)

My Back Is Happier!

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Age: 25 - 65+

Gender: Women

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