Baby Feeding Bottle Warmers Heater Quickly Food Milk Travel Cup Warmer Heater Portable DC 12V in Car Baby Bottle Heaters


1. Material: diving material + high flame retardant polyester + electronic heating circuit + plastic components
2. Main parameters: Voltage: DC12V, current: 1.9-2.1A, power: 22.8-25W, normal service life 10,000 hours
3. Performance and selling point: 1. After the warm milk heater is heated to 15 minutes, it can maintain a constant temperature of 40 °C under the condition of constant power.
                       2. The car is heated by the car for easy use;
                       3. Constant temperature 40 °C to ensure safe drinking;
                       4. Adjustable length handle for easy carrying;
4. Function and use: When the baby is out of the car, the baby is hungry and can be hot milk in time.
5. Scope of application: car 12v power supply heating (bottle bottle diameter should be between 65mm~75mm)
6. Packing: color box packaging
7. Size: 8.5*8.5*13.1cm/3.35""*3.35""*5.16"""

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