Teether Baby Teeth Training Hand Ball Toy


The multi-functional toy that is convenient for baby hands is not only bright in color, but also beautiful in color and beautiful. It can be used by baby and used as molar teeth. The use of materials stress, good workmanship, is a rare boutique toys. Its rich colors, patterns and colors are very bright and beautiful, can effectively promote the baby's visual development.

Colorful ball, suitable for infants from 4 to 36 months old, uses PU tube (polyurethane) as material, no bpa, rich in color, beautiful pattern and color, let baby fall in love with molars

bright colors, promote Xiaobao vision development;

When Xiaobao's finger is underdeveloped, use it to practice finger flexibility;

 when the baby loves to go east and west, it is a good molar, picking up convenient and comfortable.


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