Practical Baby Kid LCD Digital Mouth Nipple Pacifier Thermometer Temperature Infant Baby Health Care Monitors


Designed specifically to measure baby's temperature easily in 3 minutes.
The current is measured and displayed once the digital degree sign °C/°F stops flashing.
Has no harm to the environment as well as to baby because no mercury is used.
Beeper function.
Auto shut-off function after usage.
Fitted to Babies.
Taking temperature quickly.
Accurate showing of number.
Convenient, accurate, and hygienic for usage.
Peak-hold and auto shut-off functions.
Break-resistant and child-safe probe.
High Accuracy and fast response, easy to read digital display.

Item Type:Thermometers
Thermometer Type:Digital
Size: 57*42mm
Age Group:Babies

Temperature Range: 32°C - 42°C/89.6°F - 107.6°F
Measuring Times: 3minutes
Powered by: 1 x Button Battery (included)
Temperature Showing:Liquid crystal Number showing.
Note: The button may be a little different from the picture, but the function is the quite the same.
Net weight: 25g

Press power switch to turn on unit.
Position Nipple in mouth. Wait for beeper sound(for beeper type only).
Read temperature.
Press power switch to turn off unit.
Auto shut-off function after usage.                                        

Package Included:
1x Baby Thermometer    

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