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High quality and 100% new

Multipurpose Support Nursing Pillow for Breast Feeding

Very soft and comfortable for both mom and baby

Nursing pillow props baby up high on mummy's thighs to make breast-feeding a comfortable

and pleasant experience. 

No more sore and stiff arms! Wraps around the waist for secure fit. Machine washable.

When your little bundle of joy comes into the world, the pillow is a great choice for more

easily holding them in place while breastfeeding.

It is pliable enough to fit snuggly around your body and soft enough that your child will be

comfortable and kept in the right position for them to happily feed. 

Other uses include support for a child as they sleep, as an aid to help a growing baby sit up,

and simply as a soft landing to cushion a toddler’s falls as they start to walk. 



Fabric material: 100% cotton woven fabric

Pillow fabric: 100% polyester cloth

Pillow lining: space cotton


Type: panda/triangle/cat/bear/Deer/Geometric/mat ( For Mat: pillow not

included )


Large pillow size: 56 * 37 

Small pillow size: 20 * 17

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