Baby Bath Mat Sponge Mat Non slip Sponge Mat Bath Mat for Baby


Name: baby bathing bed, child bathing antiskid sponge cushion.
Color: yellow, pink, blue
Size: 31*50.5*cm
Function: This product is suitable for newborn and baby bathing, give baby's head, neck and back support, bathing sponge soft and delicate, prevent slippery, make baby bath more safe and comfortable, can be used in baby bath alone, also can be put in baby bath, Xiao Bao Bao can lie wash, big baby can sit Wash on the mat for 0-6 year old baby.
Note: be sure to comply with all preventive measures, water level do not exceed the sponge pad, do not direct hot water to the sponge pad, pay attention to the temperature of the water, even if a short time do not put the baby alone in the unmanned area.
When baby bathing pad is used, first use the blisters and then use it to the baby. After using it, remember that the water is cleaned and the foam inside is dried and dried for the next time.
Packaging includes: 1X sponge pads, 2X bear bath eraser

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