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Product Name: 55cm high-end hand-crafted simulation baby baby
Size: About 55 cm
Weight: about 1.2 kg
Structure: The head and limbs are made of imported soft silicone, the body is a cotton body, very soft; the doll limbs can move, can sit and lie; will not stand, can not speak; cloth dolls can not enter the water oh
Eyes: Closed-eyed doll, eyes cant open
Hair: imported mohair, hand implanted, can be groomed
Clothing: Tailored to doll size;
Package contents: simulation doll *1; pacifier *1; bottle *1; sock pair; bracelet *1; clothing set; pillow *1

1 Childrens toys Please be careful to avoid accidental eating or accidental injury;
2 This product does not contain items in non-packaged content
4 products for manual measurement and production, all in kind prevail

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